Full Body Workout for Women

Full Body Workout

If you have bands and dumbells/kettlebells, you can do this one at home!

Making home training a little more challenging usually means: increasing reps, doing more unilateral (single-leg or single-arm) work, and shortening your rest periods. Enjoy!

A1. DB Deficit Reverse Lunge 3X 10-12 each
A2. Bird Dog Row 3X 10-12 each
B1. Paused Sumo DB Deadlift 3X 15-20 (Pause for 2 seconds before you touch the floor)
B2. Single-Leg Hip Thrust 3X 12-15 each
C1. Z-Press 3X 8-10 each
C2. Lateral Raises 3 X 10-15
D1. Band Gluteator 3X 10-12 (band above the knees. Drive knees apart.)
D2. Standing Pallof Press 3X 30 seconds

The band I use here for the Gluteator is from BC Strength. I use the S/M Level 1 band which is the easiest of the three offered right now.